Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Blogrolls, E-mail subscriptions and Photographs

Most of your blogs have been registered- if you look off to the left, you'll see a list- please make sure your blog is on that list. If it isn't, leave a comment in this thread for me to add your blog. There are 2 reasons why it might not be on the list:

If I couldn't access your blog (ie. you left a comment but the blog isn't listed on the left side of this page,check that your blog is working- if not, try publishing a new post to it, that normally solves that problem.

If you want the list of blogs on your own blog page, read this article for step by step instructions- this is also an introduction to editing the template for your blog.

On the left you'll also see a box to sign up for e-mail subscriptions- that way you will be able to get the latest news from this site as soon as I post it- so sign up to save yourself having to surf over to the site to check for updates.

Carrying on with some more features of blogger: scan or photograph a page from your graphics sketchbook and post it to your blog. Read the instructions here for a guide on doing that. Take a look at the pages the rest of your class have scanned and leave a comment on their blog about it.

finally, when you read this, please let the rest of your class know about the new information on this page

Hey peter....
It seems my blog did not get through to you because its not on your list. i cnt get into it either so im assuming that i did something wrong.

Name: Eleanor de Villiers
Student no: 0513897N
Address: http://ellie-bee.blogspot.com

please me to the list
name: Philippe Raffner
stud. no: 0608130H
Hey Peter

My blog isn't on the list
Known as raNDom!

Hope u get this comment and add me to the list... Happy marking

Shani 0501633y
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