Thursday, May 04, 2006


Architecture forum: Pushpullbar

Pushpullbar is an architecture and design forum. It started out as a Sketchup forum, and is still a good source for information and tips for SketchUp (like how to do this). But where it really excels is in the input you can get for design projects. There is a forum for discussing projects in progress, a photographic forum and database of architects, and a travel forum (HINT: they are are in need of some photos of contemporary buildings in Johannesburg). Head over and sign up, join in the conversations and discover a whole new way of wasting time...

PPB has a strict set of rules for posting, to help keep on-topic - read them before posting-look forward to seeing you there.

Wow i really do like this site! Thanks for advertising it!

I recently signed up at Pushpullbar. But I have only been lurking because I'm afraid to actually start posting there. Basicaly, I am NOT an architect, just someone who enjoys good design, and I wanted to ask some layman's questions of a few pro architects. But I keep thinking the caliber of the board is such that they'd probably not want any laymen snooping about and mucking up the flow of things with non-pro questions.

What do you think?

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