Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Second Years- final submission

Well,Friday is the date for final submissions for computers. So that's a working blog, the picasso project and 2 revit projects from the following 3:
your own house
chinese club
the building for your discourse project

Submission by 17:00 on Friday 2 June.

Clock is ticking!!

Please check that your blog is in my blogroll on the right hand side of this page, if not, leave a comment on this thread for me to add it

Kate- Katiesdesigns is still missing, I am going to mark caticantcreate
Mitchell- you need to publish an item to your blog before I can add it to the blogroll is a dead blog (can't access it) is a dead blog is a dead blog

hey peter, i need help, i dunno why my traffic is so slow..? any suggestions, ? ive added my site to a ton of dir's and i update regularly and still its slow...???
Richard, sometimes it's just a case of time. Google will start indexing you more regularly the more often you post. Another thing is to include links between your posts- so when you post the final picasso post, for example, include a link to the first one so that that page gets a little boost.
hey peter ive given you this adress before but my blog still isnt on the blogroll. its jacquelinecasson archiblog
hope this helps
Hay there peter please put my blog onto the blogroll here are the details...its

hi its sergio duarte,0506891a here my blogs name has changed to

it used to be

all of my submissions are on the blog and on the public folder

thanks sergio
hey peter, could you please put me on the blogroll:
Names Darryl Harbour
Hey Peter
can you please add me to the blog roll.
edward blonski
hi peter, can you add my blog to your blogroll.
Hi. Just trying to give you my blog address.My internet has been playing up badly, still trying to get the rest of the stuff on my blog.If i cant do it to night on my internet then I'll have to go to the cad lab in the morning and finish posting my work on the blog.
hey, my revit tuts and discourse revit stuff are not showing on my blog. i posted them earlier today, have not had time to check whats up till now. dunno whats the prob.
You just need to hit the refresh button on your browser to see them.
Thanx man, sorry im a chop with computers.
hi peter im sorry its late but tried to do as much as i can, still tring to get someones design or discourse from someone else cause i dont do either subject but havent managed it yet. going to try do another house if that is ok? will try finish it as soon as i can. sorry again
hi peter, i've tried to post my revit tuts and projects and the rest of my picasso portrait to my blog, but it keeps playing up. most of the portrait and my minimum space project are on the blog, but the rest is in the public folder. hope this is ok! i'l keep trying to post though..
Carrie-Anne Richardson 0512868V
Hi Peter
i did change my blog to caticantcreate. I'm Kate K-Smith.
hi peter!
i cannot log in to my bloggerand havnt been able to post anything onto it so all my work is in the public folder. sorry bout that, i'll keep on trying to log in.

Hey peter having a tuff time posting on my blog but the revit stuff is on the public folder under scott grant. will post other stuff as soon as possible. @
hey peter having a tuff time posting my work on the blog but the will be putting it on the public folder on monday the 18th .
hey Pete,i apologise for this not being in on time... ive been having issues with my revit and my phone line... please accept. if not, enjoy it anyway.
Lludd ap Gwyn
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