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Revit Project- Chinese United Mansions- W.B.Pabst

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Your next assignment is due for the 21st of April 2006, at the beginning of the lecture.

Using Revit and the supplied rough plans, you will be drawing up a model of Chinese United Mansions (Chinese Club) by Wilhelm Pabst. Pabst was an immigrant architect, who worked under Mies van der Rohe and Poelzig in Berlin before coming to South Africa in the mid 1930s. His buildings are unique in Johannesburg, and have been compared to Russian Constructivism as well as the work of Erich Mendelsohn.

Working from the plans and sections provided (click to enlarge), re-create this building in Revit. The drawings are accurate but not dimensioned. Make the necessary assumptions when dimensioning them- remember that a door is roughly 800mm wide. Print a hard copy of the plans, dimension them and work from those. You may make the following assumptions:
Ground floor floor-to-ceiling height is 4000mm
All other floors slab to slab height is 3000mm
Lintol height for doors is 2100mm
Lintol height for windows is 2300mm
Do not show stairs (unless you have time)
Do not show furniture/plumbing etc. (unless you have time)
A copy of these images will be on the public folder

Final submission requirements:
3 plans, 2 street elevations, 1 East-West section, 1 perspective (of your own choice)
Lay drawings out on sheet- plans should be at scale 1:100, other drawings may be 1:200. Size page accordingly. Choose your fonts to match the remainder of your presentation.

PS- you might want to actually VISIT the building. Ask around, you won't battle to find directions.

(drawings courtesy Prof. Lindsay Bremner, from July/August 1993 issue of Architecture SA)

hey there, which year of uni are you in? the uni I come from has never asked us to CAD out buildings, more of hand drafted.
Hi Johnny.

First off, I just want to say I enjoy your blog, it's in my blogroll, I like the photos and thoughts you have been posting.

This project is for second year students. One of the more common tasks a student will be given when working in an architectural office (holiday jobs etc) is to draft up a building based on (often very badly measured) rough drawings. Because this is a real, practical task that the students can expect to tackle, we thought it would be a sensible project- to work through the techniques of digital modelling from plans in an environment with a bit more control than a typical busy office.

PLEASE note that I'm not saying that CAD is more important than hand draughting- in fact we have been encouraging students in this course to work with hand techniques and digital techniques simultaneously- look at some of the results here and here. Thanks for dropping in.
Hi Peter

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