Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Software from today's lecture

Some of the software mentioned in today's lecture:
Elephant's Dream website (the short film)
SketchUp (free version available)
Ubuntu Linux (free operating system financed by Mark Shuttleworth)
The OpenCD (free software for windows computers)

Hey if any one would be interested in trying out Ubuntu just give me a shout, I've got a few install discs at home for the breezy Badger Version 5.10 that I can copy. Once you have tried Ubuntu Linux, windows seems so inferior!
I've got some copies of 6.06 (the latest version) that arrived in the post recently, I'll leave them on A level the next time I come to varsity.

Linux is great, the only down side is that there is no (useful) CAD programme for Linux. Blender is great for 3d work, but for actual drafting there's nothing...yet
Yeah that is the only downfall, although the gimp i would say is as capable as photoshop!

I love the idea that all those trojans and adwares can't come onboard!
Hey peter....
It seems my blog did not get through to you because its not on your list. i cnt get into it either so im assuming that i did something wrong.

Name: Eleanor de Villiers
Student no: 0513897N
Address: http://ellie-bee.blogspot.com
1099 Software
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