Friday, March 10, 2006


Abstracting 2d to 3d- De Stijl

De Stijl was a 20th century Dutch art movement (also a White Stripes album).

I'm blogging about art history today because David White reminded me about an aspect of De Stijl that is relevant to your current project: The progression from 2d to 3d art.

Piet Mondrian
's paintings (like the one above)are typical of the works of this movement. Later on, architects and designers began using the principals of De Stijl to create 3 dimensional works, notably Gerrit Rietveld's Roodblauw chair and the Schröder house. Looking at these works you can see a process of going from 2d to 3d abstraction that might be an inspiration for your process in designing a space from your cubist portrait.

Images courtesy Wikipedia

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I love that chair!
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