Thursday, November 17, 2005


Tactile Graphics-drawings for the blind

Macros of tactile plans-Hosted by

A brothel,a museum, a park -thesis presentations are on at the moment in the studios, and are worth taking a look at. Moreblessing Mberi presented a project yesterday for a student centre for the blind on the AMIC deck at Wits. I'm not actually commenting on the building today, but rather on a presentation technique. Moby presented some drawings which were printed on a special paper which has small plastic capsules on them which expand when heated and form a raised pattern- so you can print an image and have it embossed above the page- fine line detail is reproduced fairly well and the texture is about 1mm high. This has possibilities for all sorts of things- like printing exampels of textures you want to use in a building. Read more about the technology at the British National Centre for Tactile Diagrams

Image Hosted by

Moby, you are da Man. Keep it up Man!!!!

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