Wednesday, November 09, 2005


SketchUp links

Some links for SketchUp users today:

First up is PushPullBar, a design and architecture site that focuses mainly on work done with SketchUp. The members of this site include practising architects, students and lecturers, and it's a good place to get a crit on your work. There is also a travel forum that has pretty good information on some cities, although Johannesburg and Africa in general need a bit more information (hint,hint).
Something fun that has been going on at PPB over the weekend is a design evolution game- where one person loads up a file, another downloads it and adds something, then uploads it again etc. Here are a few steps from one of the games:

The second link is to Sketchucation, a site full of tutorials and guides that explain how get things done in SketchUp. The site is still new, but content is being added all the time, from the very simple to the complex (like this tutorial on reducing the complexity of your models)

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