Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Firefox 1.5 is out- and why you should care

Upgrade to Firefox 1.5!Firefox 1.5 was released today-click here or on the image on the left to download it. Firefox is an Internet browser (like Internet Explorer) that has several very useful features. I must admit to being sceptical the first time I tried it out, but I soon found that the new features are pretty convenient and I now find Internet Explorer frustratingly clumsy. Here are some of the things I love about Firefox:

5 reasons to download Firefox
1. It's free and open source- basically this means that it belongs to you once you download it- no fiddly licenses, no registration, no demo period. And you're free (and encouraged) to pass it on to your friends.
2. Tabbed browsing- if you browse multiple windows at once, you can have them as tabs in your browser rather than seperate windwos cluttering up your taskbar. And to open a link in a new tab, just middle-click on it!
3. Pop-up blocking- On the whole, Firefox has dramatically fewer pop-up ads than Internet Explorer- so you don't have to worry about offers for Online Casinos or college degrees
4. RSS feed support- If you like to keep up to date with blogs and news sites, then this feature is for you. When you arrive at a site that has an RSS feed, you will see an orange icon to the right of the address in the address bar. Clicking on this link will let you add what Firefox calls a 'live bookmark'- a list of links that updates itself automatically when new articles are posted to the site.
5. You can run it from a flashdrive! If you find that Firefox works for you, you might be frustrated about a machine you are using that doesn't have it. If so, Portable Firefox is the solution- this version will run from a flashdrive, and can store all your bookmarks and preferences so that you have the same Internet experience wherever you go (Link to this will be included once the portable version ahs been updated to 1.5)

Firefox Flicks!Firefox users all over the world have been invited to produce a short video about Firefox and upload it to this site- check out some of the work here to see Firefox in action.

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