Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Wits Architecture Blogs

Down the right hand side of the page you will see some links- at the bottom are the Wits blogs- please visit them and comment on the postcards that have been put up. If your blog is not linked on the right, please add a comment with your blog's address to this post so that I can add it to my links

Here are some that have been posted-

Sound Possesion


Dandy Peaches:

Hi, my name is Harry Themistocleous and my blog is maniccat.blogspot.com
Hi, my name is Katherine Mouyis and my blog is katkarot.blogspot.com

Hi, my name is Tim M Johnson and my blog is tonguefreedom.blogspot.com

Hi, my name is Pauline Hayward and my blog is runningspiderza.blogspot.com

Hi, my name is Stacey Leader and my blog is hopfrog.blogspot.com

and we are all alcoholics!
Hi my name is Raeesa Patel and my blog is www.honeybee121.blogspot.com
Hi my name is Musheera Patel and my blog is www.sugerweave.blogspot.com
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hiya, my name is Naazneen Kagee and my blog is trapdoors.blogspot.com
Mila Bolon: www.4fold.blogspot.com
amd link to www.dandypeaches.blogspot.com for a joint blog :0)
tatum lau here
visit www.tattiestitties.blogspot.com

matthew haselau here
visit www.eurotrashboy.blogspot.com
Hi, it's Claudia Mela
my blog is: supac.blogspot.com
Caitlin Parmenter
BLOGSPOT : caityp.blogspot.com

Couldnt publish the rest of my blogs. THey have been saved in the public folder. Sorry
Gary van Lieshout is found at
hey, this is lisa arrenbrecht, my blogger is yellowslinky.blogspot.com
Michael L Thomas(0407727V) can be found at michaellthomas.blogspot.com
Life as a peach.... my name is Sarah Byrne and I am currently the only Dandypeach left! You can catch the toils of this fruitful site at
Hi, this is Gareth Tresling, find my blog at www.garetht.blogspot.com
wats up, my name is Dominik Zuvela and my blog is: www.domarch.blogspot.com
check it out!.
Hi, my name is Franz Prinsloo and im an architecture student
,.... it started almost two years ago,and just took control of me but...i .. cant..help myself, it started so suddenly and now im hooked iv'e come here because.......I...need ...HELP!!!
so do all of you here at the AA.
My blog is bakerman.blogspot.com
Hi - James Meikle - witsproject.blogspot.com
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