Monday, October 17, 2005


brief description

Active Ingredient are a group of second year students who have put together an exhibition that is on in the Fassler gallery from the 17th of October.

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The exhibition includes photographs and a short excerpt from a film that they are planning to finish by the end of the year.

From the exhibition:

Brief Description is an initiative that explores stories of South African individuals,
they express their pain, happiness, personality, opinions, and where their stories take place.
The spaces these individuals occupy tell a story too.
The spaces they live in tell a story through colour, texture, shape, size and atmosphere.

Some of these brief descriptions are happy while others are not.
Patrons involved are asked to tell us about themselves through stories and brief descriptions of what they understand as important to them.
Some are requests others ask for nothing.
You will think some have told you a lot and others said nothing at all
but did they? or were you not listening.

This is only a brief description....


Nice Work, it is about time that Wits arch keeps up with the times.

Ciao Eduardo
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