Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Beginning with Blogs

Here is a link to a blog by a friend of mine that explains what blogging is about- this should get you started on the basics, and a bit more, of blogs. I should add that Mike is a blogging consultant- in short, a pro blogger, who writes blogs and helps companies set up blogs.

One aspect of blogging that isn't central in that context that you might be interested in is using your blog to track the development of a design idea or philosophy,over the course of a project or over the course of your carreer

its zakeeya kalla and the adress is www.pipkinsplace.blogspot.com
The blog izinyoka is dead it died passed away because sum one forgot the password so m raaiq ally has joined the PURPLEBLOOD group
Please add me to your blogroll
Alexa Segal

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